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State University

of Management

State University of Management (SUM) is a

leading higher educational institution in Russia,

specialized in training of skilled world-class

managers. The university is integrated into global

academic network that encourages implementa-

tion of modern innovative technologies in

educational process.

Our educational programs combine theoretical

and innovative approaches. SUM actively invites

business-leaders as industrial partners and pay

special attention to research projects. Our alumni

have in-depth knowledge and practical experience

in the field of economy, management, IT.

In 2018 were opened "The engineering center of

interindustry innovative projects", "The center of

innovative business and blockchain projects",

"The center of competences in digital economy",

and studios for projects for virtual and augmented

reality. All those projects help to promote estab-

lishment of a new "digital community" interested

in development of the country.

Number of Students:

10 000


2074 residents



Tuition Fee:

75 000 – 250 000 rub/semester


137 Drs.habil, 346 PhD


Innovation Management, Business Informatics,

Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Management, Econom-

ics, Social Sciences, Law, Political Science, Marketing, Public

Relations, HR Management, Hospitality Management, State

and Municipal Management.


Business Informatics, Innovation Management,

Management, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Law, HR

Management, Hospitality Management, State and Municipal



Economics, Law, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Social

Sciences, Political Science and Regional Studies, History and

Archeology, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion.

Foundation Program for International Students (subjects):

Russian Language, Mathematics, History, Social Science.

Scientific Research:

Management, Digital Economy, Artificial

Intelligence, Logistics, Tourism, Marketing, Social Sciences,

Psychology, State and Municipal Management

109542, 99 Ryazanskiy avenue, Moscow, Russia.



International Cooperation Department:

+7(495) 377-98-89,,


The permanent strengthening and development of

international collaboration favor the exchange

of knowledge and experience with partners abroad.

Internationalization helps our Russian and international

students to create the atmosphere of tolerance

and friendship on campus.