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Ufa State Petroleum

Technological University

1 Kosmonavtov Street, Ufa,

Republic of Bashkortostan, 450062

Rector: + 7 (347) 242-03-70,,

Tutorial Department for Foreign Students: +7 (347) 243-11-35, International Office: +7 (347) 242-07-31

Bachelor (b), Master (m), Specialist (s) Degree Programs

Mathematical and Natural Sciences:

Geology (b, m).

Engineering, Technologies and Technical Sciences:

Architecture (b, m);

Construction (b, m); Informatics and Computer Engineering (b, m); Information Systems and

Technologies (b, m); Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering (b, m); Electric Power

Engineering and Electrical Engineering (b, m); Mechanical Engineering (b, m); Technological

Machines and Equipment (b, m); Technological Processes and Productions Automation (b, m);

Chemical Technology (b, m); Energy-Conservative and Resource-Saving Processes in Chemical

Technology, Petrol Chemistry and Biotechnology (b, m); Biotechnology (b, m); Food Stuff of

Vegetable Origin (b); Technosphere Safety (b, m); Oil-and-Gas Engineering (b, m); Applied Geology

(s); Technologies of Geological Exploring (s); System Analysis and Control (b, m); Engineering

Systems Control (b, m); Textile Products Technology and Designing (b); Light Industry Products

Design (b).

Social Sciences:

Economics (b, m); Management (b, m); Human Resources (m); Public

Administration (b, m); Commerce (b); Foreign Region Studies (b, m); Advertising and Public

Relations (b, m); Service (b); Tourism (b, m); Hotel Business (b, m).

Arts and Culture:

Social and Cultural Activities (b); Design (b, m); Costume and Textile Arts (b).

The university's main areas of scientific research encompass a

wide range of problems:



improvement of drilling techniques and technology and oil and gas field development;



development of sound techniques and methods for the design and construction of

bulk plants, oil storage tanks, pipelines and enhancement of operational efficiency of

oil facilities;



enrichment of oil refining and upgrading of hydrocarbons use; synthesis, structure,

properties, application areas, laboratory and industrial technology for chemical




improving the efficiency, safety, durability and corrosion resistance of oilfield,

petrochemical and oil- and gas-transmission equipment;



occupational health and environmental safety, human ecology;



increase of working efficiency, improvement of management and planning in

companies engaged in oil production, refining, petrochemical, transportation and

storage of oil and gas;



development of new construction materials and technological processes aiming at

reduction of material and energy intensity, labor intensity and improvement of

durability of building structures.

Tuition Fee: 45000 – 185 000 rub. Pre-University Programs for Foreign Students:

Russian language, mathematics, technical drawing, physics, chemistry, informatics

Foundation: 1948

Hostel: 3000 residents

Number of Students: 18000