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The Herzen State Pedagogical University

of Russia Herzen University

48, Moika Emb., St.-Petersburg, Russia, 191186

Rector: +7 (812) 571-6088. Tutorial Department for Foreign Students:

+7 (812) 571-1131,

+7 (812) 314-7873,

+7 (812) 314-7676,

Bachelor (b), Master (m), Specialist (s) Degree Programs

Mathematical and Natural Sciences:

Applied Mathematics and Informatics (b); Physics (b, m); Chemistry (b, m); Geography (b, m); Ecology and Environmen-

tal Management (b, m); Biology (b, m).

Engineering, Technologies and Technical Sciences:

Informatics and Computer Engineering (b); Information Systems

and Technologies (b, m); Quality Control (b).

Social Sciences:

Psychology (b, m); Conflictology (b); Clinical Psychology (с); Service Activities Psychology (с);

Economics (b, m); Management (b, m); Human Resources (b, m); Public Administration (b, m); Sociology (b); Social Work (b, m); Law (b, m); Political Science

(b); Foreign Region Studies (b); Advertising and Public Relations (b); Hotel Business (b); Tourism (b).

Education and Pedagogical Sciences:


Education (b, m); Psychological and Pedagogical Education (b, m); Special Education (Defectology) (b, m); Pedagogics and Psychology of Deviant Behavior (s).

Human Sciences:

Linguistics (b, m); History (b, m); Philosophy (b, m); Religious Studies (b, m); Physical Training (b); Physical Training for Physically

Challenged (Adaptive Physical Training) (b).

Arts and Culture:

Culturology (b); Choreography (b); Acting (s); Vocal Art (b); Musical Instrumental Art (b, m).