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Russian-Tajik Slavonic University

30, Mirzo Tursunzoda Street, Dushanbe, 734025 Tajikistan


Rector: +992 37 221-35-50,


Tutorial Department for Foreign Students: +992 37 227-16-52, 44 620-42-19,


Bachelor (b), Master (m) Degree Programs

Mathematical and Natural Sciences:

Mathematics (b); Physics (b); Chemistry (b); Biology (b).

Engineering, Technologies and Technical Sciences:

Applied Informatics (b, m).

Social Sciences:

Economics (b, m); Management (b, m); Law (b, m); Foreign Region Studies (m); International Relations (b); Journalism (b, m);

Tourism (b).

Education and Pedagogical Sciences:

Pedagogical Education (b).

Human Sciences:

Linguistics (b, m); Philology (b, m); Translation Theory and Practice (с); History (b, m).

Arts and Culture:

Culturology (b, m).

Russian Language Training Programs:

Introductory phonetic course of Russian language

Practical grammar

Practicum on speaking proficiency

Scientific Research:

Typology and comparative linguistics in modern philology

The main directions of the socioeconomic development of the Republic of Tajikistan and mechanism ensuring it

Qualitative study of differential equations

Investigation of physical and physico-chemical properties of alloys and polymers and the development of new materials for the needs of

the Republic of Tajikistan industries

Study of interactions of world civilizations in social and humanitarian aspect

Problems and prospects of the national legislation development in the environment of modern period of the Republic of Tajikistan evolu-

tion: theory and practice

Development of contemporary international law in the context of globalization

Problems of theory and practice in criminal law and criminal procedure of the Republic of Tajikistan in the modern context

Innovative and integrative approach to the enhancement of student’s professional and personal competence





Number of Students:

about 6 000



100 residents

Tuition Fee:

700 – 1 600 USD.


253, D.Sc. – 41, Ph.D. – 127.

Pre-University Programs for Foreign Students:

Russian language course


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