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Kalashnikov Izhevsk

State Technical University

7, Studencheskaya Street, Izhevsk, 426069 Russia

Rector: +7 (3412) 58-53-58,

Tutorial Department for Foreign Students: +7 (3412) 77-60-55 (ext. 5137, 5128),

Bachelor (b), Master (m), Specialist (s) Degree Programs

Mathematical and Natural Sciences:

Applied Mathematics (b, m); Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling (m).

Engineering, Technologies and Technical Sciences:

Architecture (b); Construction (b, m); Construction, Operation, Restoration and Techni-

cal Cover of Highways, Bridges, Tunnels (s); Informatics and Computer Engineering (b, m); Information Systems and Technologies (b, m);

Applied Informatics (b); Software Engineering (b, m); Information Security of Automation Systems (b); Radio Engineering (b, m); Infocommu-

nication Technology and Communication Systems (b, m); Design and Technology of Electronic Equipment (b, m); Radio-Electronic Systems

and Complexes (b); Instrument Making (b, m); Laser Equipment and Laser Technologies (b, m); Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineer-

ing (b, m); Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering (b, m); Power Machinery (b, m); Mechanical Engineering (b, m); Technologi-

cal Machines and Equipment (b, m); Engineering and Technological Support for Machinery Productions (b, m); Mechatronics and Robot-

ics (b, m); Shooting and Gun, Artillery and Rocket Weapon (s); Technosphere Safety (b, m); Land Transport Technological Complexes (m);

Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes (b, m); Land Transport and Technological Facilities (s); Engines of Flight

Vehicles (b, m); Quality Control (b); System Analysis and Control (b, m); Innovatics (b); Nanotechnologies and Microsystem Equipment (b, m);

Artistic Materials Handling Technology (b, m); Poligraphic and Packaging Production Technology (b).

Social Sciences:

Economics (b, m); Management (b, m); Human Resources (b, m); Public Administration (b, m); Business Informatics (b, m);

Commerce (b); Finances and Credit (m); Law (b); Advertising and Public Relations (b).

Education and Pedagogical Sciences:

Vocational Training (in branches) (b).

Human Sciences:

Linguistics (b); Physical Training (b).

Arts and Culture:

Design (b).

Russian Language Training Programs:

Russian as a foreign language; Russian

language for everyone; Russian language courses: program for emigrants.

Educational Programs taught in foreign languages:

Construction (BA), Mechatronics and robotics (BA), Infocommunication technology

and telecommunications (BA), Construction («Project management in construction» program) (MA).

Scientific Research:

Information technology and telecommunications; Engineered nanomaterials production and processing technology;

Energy efficiency, energy conservation, environmental management; Advanced weaponry; Organization and management of modern

innovative production





Number of Students:

14 828



945 residents

Tuition Fee:

59 900 – 126 370 rub/year.

Faculty: 512.

Pre-University Programs for Foreign Students:

Russian language, mathematics, physics, economics


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