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Volgograd State University

100, University Prospect, Volgograd, 400062 Russia

Rector: +7 (8442) 46-02-79,

Tutorial Department for Foreign Students: +7 (8442) 46-02-91,

Application form for foreign students:

Bachelor (b), Master (m), Specialist (s) Degree Programs

Mathematical and Natural Sciences:

Mathematics (m); Applied Mathematics and

Informatics (b, m); Mathematics and Computer Sciences (b); Information Systems

Software and Administration (b); Physics (b, m); Radiophysics (b); Geography (b, m);

Cartography and Geoinformatics (b); Ecology and Environmental Management (b, m);

Biology (b, m); Bioengineering and Bioinformatics (s).

Engineering, Technologies and Technical Sciences:

Informatics and Computer

Engineering (b, m); Information Systems and Technologies (b); Applied Informatics

(b, m); Software Engineering (b, m); Information Security (b); Information Security of

Automation Systems (s); Radio Engineering (b, m); Infocommunication Technology and

Communication Systems (b, m); Laser Equipment and Laser Technologies (m); Nanoengineering (b).

Social Sciences:

Psychology (b, m); Economics (b, m); Management (b, m); Human Resources (m); Public Administration (b, m); Business In-

formatics (b, m); Finances and Credit (m); Economic Security (s); Sociology (b, m); Social Work (b, m); Law (b, m); Forensic Science (s); Foreign

Region Studies (b, m); Political Science (b, m); International Relations (b); Advertising and Public Relations (b); Journalism (b, m); Tourism (b).

Human Sciences:

Philology (b, m); Linguistics (b, m); Fundamental and Applied Linguistics (b); History (b, m).

Scientific Research:

Physics: nanotechnology and nanomaterials, laser physics, condensed matter physics, radiophysics, astrophysics

Mathematical modeling, information and telecommunication systems and the development of supercomputer technology

Modeling and monitoring of living systems functioning

Economy: evolutionary and institutional economic theory, nanoeconomics, strategy and mechanism of regional economic system


Theory and methodology of linguistics: evolution of language systems of Russia, ecolinguistics

Analysis of cultural, political, legal and socio-psychological trends in regional communities

National and general history, archaeology





Number of Students:




1022 residents

Tuition Fee:

76 000 – 147 000 rub.


D.Sc. – 143, Ph.D. – 460.

Pre-University Programs for Foreign Students:

phonetics, reading, speech development,

grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening,

annotated reading, country studies


| Russian Universities Guide 2017